Latin American School on Computational Neuroscience – LASCON

LASCON is a biennial school aiming at introducing advanced undergraduate, graduate students and young researchers, mostly from Latin America, to the use of mathematical and computational methods for modeling neurons and neural networks of the brain.

LASCON is an intensive four-week school with morning, afternoon and evening activities. The morning periods are dedicated to theoretical classes on the fundamentals of neuron and neural network modeling, the afternoon periods are dedicated to hands-on training in computer programs commonly used in neural network simulation and analysis, and the evening periods are dedicated to exercises. The faculty is composed of researchers with large experience in computational neuroscience and the use of these programs. Besides attending the classes and doing the exercises, students have to carry out small research projects using the tools taught at the school and present them orally at the end of the school.

The long term goal of LASCON is to promote the field of computational neuroscience in Latin America and stimulate the creation of a culture of using mathematical modeling and computer simulation methods to approach neuroscience problems among Latin American researchers and students.

LASCON is made possible thanks to the continuing support from FAPESP (the Sao Paulo State Research Foundation), CNPq (the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development), CAPES (the Brazilian Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) and IBRO-LARC (the Latin America Regional Committee of the International Brain Research Organization). Additional support is also provided by OCNS (Organization for Computational Neurosciences) and the Biophysical Society.

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